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Invest in real assets in the form of NFTs.

Simple, fun and affordable.

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#1 Search and acquisition

Through partnerships with asset experts, AssetPocket acquires some of the best collectible items with high potential to appreciate in value.

#2 Assets are tokenized

Each acquired asset is converted into a non-fungible token (NFT) based on the Cardano blockchain and is then accessible to our in-app community.

#3 Invest

Get access to all the specs and legal information of the asset you want to own, acquire the NFT which represents a fraction of the collectible asset.

AssetPocket - search asset

#4 Track your investment

After acquiring, the NFT will be shown in your portfolio.

#5 In-app community

Chat and exchange experiences with other passionate NFT investors in AssetPocket forum.

#6 Trade

Trade your NFTs at any time in a digital exchange.

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Get your AssetPocket app
and start investing.

Join our community and invest in collectible items through the AssetPocket app.